Terms and Conditions

These general terms & conditions regulate any purchase from TryvannWyller AS (TVSSAS) made by a person/company or on behalf of other persons/companies. The purchase can be a single item or a combination of different items/services.

Who is responsible?  

TryvannWyller AS, Postboks 58 Slemdal, 0710 Oslo. VAT number 996 599 507. 


The agreement

As supplier TVSSAS is responsible towards the guest/client for what the guest/client is entitled to in accordance with the agreement made. The responsibility also cover services delivered by 3rd parties if TVSSSAS chose to use this. Information supplied in print or web sites made by TVSSAS is binding for TVSSAS. TVSSAS can make changes prior to a contract is signed if TVSSAS has clearly stated this and the customer/client is informed about the changes. TVSSAS takes subject to any typographical errors.


As the supplier, TVSSAS shall always see to it that

  • The guest/client receives a written confirmation of the order and any other relevant documentation
  • Information about payment details
  • Details about the purchase. For example date, length, price, details about a ski course

TVSSAS is not responsible for any promises made by any third party that is not directly linked to the company or in other ways could not know about.

For ski courses, the confirmation shall include:

  • Course dates and time

When is the order binding?
It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the order confirmation is correct. The order is binding for TVSSAS when the customer receives the order confirmation. The order is binding for the customer at the time of payment. 

Time of payment 
The customer shall pay no later than what is stated on the order confirmation. The payment shall always be made before the date of delivery. For all purchases made online, the payment is made at the time of confirmation.

All sales shall always be paid before delivery if not stated otherwise. 


Credit card payments in favor of the ski school are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland ("TREKKSOFT"). TREKKSOFT will appear as TREKKSOFT TOUR BOOKING on your credit card statement. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.Please send an e-mail to support(at)payyo.ch for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.


Fees for international transactions
Any transactions fees for international payments shall be paid by the customer. All payments are to be made in NOK.

Late payment 
The customer can not participate on any courses before the payment is registered by TVSSAS. An order confirmation is void if the payment is not registered by TVSSAS at date of delivery.

Terms and condition if the customer want to cancel or change the order/reservation

The customer can cancel the order in writing. TVSSAS shall confirm the cancelation or change in writing. In case of cancelation, TVSSAS will charge a cancelation fee in the amount of NOK 195. In case of cancelation less than two weeks before delivery date, TVSSAS will charge 50% of the order amount. In case of cancelation less than 7 days before delivery date, the full amount will be charged. In case of sickness/disability, the whole amount can be refunded if proper documentation is provided.

Cancelation of services partly delivered  
TVSSAS will not refund delivered or partly delivered services. If the customer has participated in parts of a ski course, it is not possible to get a refund on the remaining parts of the course. 

Combined services/ 
It is not possible to cancel parts of an order consisting of different services and products if this is not clearly stated by TVSSAS. If the order is for more than one person, cancelation of one or more participants, the cancelation rules stated above applies. 

TVSSAS right to make changes 
TVSSAS have the right to change the terms and conditions for the services delivered if the alternative is equal to the original arrangement.

If a cost increase occurs due to changes in tax or other public fees after the agreement is binding for both parties, TVSSAS can increase the price accordingly. The price can be changed no later than 20 days before delivery and the changes must be communicated to the customer immediately. If the cost is reduced due to the same reasons, this shall benefit the customer as long as the change occurs no later than 20 days before delivery. If TVSSAS have to move a course or event to a later date due to sickness, TVSSAS have the right to move the course/event to a later date as long as this is in the same season. 

The customer do not have the right to a refund if a course or event has been postponed or cancelled due to reasons that is outside the control of TVSSAS.

Customer’s responsibility 
TVSSAS have the right to cancel a course immediately if a customer behaves or acts in a way that is in violation with the ski resorts general rules and regulations. If the guest do not follow instructions and acts in a way that is dangerous for other guests/participants and/or the companies property they will have to leave the facility immediately. In such a case, the customer do not have the right to be refunded in any way. The customer is liable for costs occurred if it is clear that the customer acted with a clear intent to destroy TVSSAS equipment.

Disputes or complaints 
The guest shall contact TVSSAS in writing if they have any complaints with regards to the services delivered. It the parties do not come to an agreement, the dispute shall be handled in the Oslo District court. 

Force major 
Both parties have the right to cancel the agreement if the services cannot be delivered due to force major.